Fetish Escort Sexy Anna in Limassol, Cyprus

Sexy Anna

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European (white)
Sexual Orientation
Height / Weight
167cm / 52kg
5.5feet / 115lbs
Hair / Eyes
Blond / Brown


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2020-05-2830 minLimassol
 : 7.5
 : 0.5
 : 0.5
So I experienced pretty much what the guy below me did. Shes pretty and she welcomed me nicely. She seems like a nice girl. However she was constantly trying to get more money out of me. kiss is extra, owo is extra etc and its not listed on this website as far as i can see. She was constantly trying to rush me, get my money and send me out the door. I wasn't even hard and she was putting the condom on. We started having sex and in literally 30 seconds she was shouting at me to finish. I tried explaining to her that she needs to stop rushing me and I can finish but no she wouldn't have it. Eventually i got so fed up of her telling me to hurry up that i just got up and left. I think the experience would be great if she wasn't so eager to take your money and rush you to get you out of the door.
Meeting dateDurationCityLooksServicesCommunication
2020-09-1720 minLimassol
 : 7
 : 1
 : 6.5
One of my worse experiences, that can be compared only with 50€ sessions with cheap Balcan girls. :angry: She didn't allow me to have shower at the beginning, which doesn't show that she pays much attention for cleanliness. She didn't want to be touched during BJ, which was pathetic and she was all the time saying that I haven't paid enough. The BJ was nothing special and she doesn't do anything to get you in the mood. She was pushing to put the condom even without trying to make me hard. Then during sex she didn't want to listen to me and come on top of me, just wanted to get over with it fast and was pushing for specific positions. Her body is nice and natural, but top much makeup on her face.
Meeting dateDurationCityLooksServicesCommunication
2020-08-1760 minLimassol
 : 9
 : 9.5
 : 10
Discreet apartment. Accurate photos I suggested some favourites and got them and more. Appears to cater for a very wide variety of tastes. Best Owo ever. Worth every cent for our time together. Most highly recommended. I found her extremely attractive and enjoyed our brief chat. I hope to visit next time for longer
Meeting dateDurationCityLooksServicesCommunication
2020-08-0160 minLimassol
 : 10
 : 9.5
 : 10
My 3rd visit to Sexy Anna and she doesn't disappoint. Gets better each time. Amazing service and an amazing woman. Guys, do yourself a favor and go see this girl, she's sexy as hell. Until next time babe xxx:love: